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18th September 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 11

If we are going to remain free from deception, we are going to need to submit both to God’s Word, the Bible and to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which means we must spend time both reading God’s Word and wait on God in our prayer time in order for us to hear what The Spirit is saying to us.


25th September 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 12

How do you anticipate the future? Do you think positively or negatively? Do you unconsciously say things that are really pulling you down? Do you think things that hold you back and stop you from being successful in your pursuits in life?


2nd October 2016 - Have Faith - Part 1

We preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ because we need His salvation, not just to get to heaven, but to get us out of the many challenges we find ourselves in on sometimes an almost daily basis.


9th October 2016 - Have Faith - Part 2

The Bible says, The just shall live by faith and not just faith once, but faith to faith, i.e. from faith to believe for one thing, and then faith to believe for the next need, whether it be for our own needs or the needs of others.


16th October 2016 - Decision Making - Part 1

When making decisions, it would be remiss of us to do without first inviting Jesus into our situation. Every decision that is made without seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit is already doomed to bring about less than the best for us.


23rd October 2016 - Decision Making - Part 2

This generation is not closed to the Gospel, it’s closed to religion. The reason more people aren’t being saved is we’re applying the philosophy of man rather than the truth of the presence of God in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


30th October 2016 - Faith Moves Mountains - Part 1

What does it mean, The Just Shall Live by Faith? Believe it or not, this is one of the most important truths in the Bible. Yet, so many in the Church fail to use the most powerful tool that God has given us.


6th November 2016 - Faith Moves Mountains - Part 2

God has not called us to be ordinary! He’s called us to be exceptional, to be amazingly miraculous, to be His agent of influence and change in a world that needs us.


13th November 2016 - Facing Yourself - Part 1

Have you ever found yourself coming face to face with yourself? I know that sounds like double-Dutch, but whenever we want to change ourselves for the better, at some stage we are going to come face to face with something in our character that doesn’t want to comply.


20th November 2016 - Facing Yourself - Part 2

When it comes to leadership, the hardest person you are ever going to have to deal with is yourself. Why? Because we judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.


27th November 2016 - Facing Yourself - Part 3

Everything we wrestle with ourselves will be in our mind. The Bible rightly says, ‘As a man thinks, so is he’. Everything we are and everything we do comes down to how we think. As the quote goes, ‘Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, your right!’.


4th December 2016 - Passion - Part 1

Whether we are positive or negative, we need to understand the law of opposites. The fact that there’s a left means there must be a right. There also an up that tells us there must be a down. Because there’s a backwards, there must be a forward, and so if there’s a negative, there must by reason be a positive.


11th December 2016 - Passion - Part 2

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. What we are passionate about shows us our calling and also our strength. In life we should always do what we love, because what we naturally love is God-given.


18th December 2016 - Good News - Part 1

Jesus Christ came to earth as our Anointed One, as our Deliverer, as our Supreme Authority. That’s what Christmas is all about, a Saviour who has come to set us free. Any understanding that falls short of this fact is missing the fulness of the truth of who Jesus is and why He came.


25th December 2016 - Good News - Part 2

Let this attitude be in you, which was also in Christ. Who being in the form of God took on the form of a servant and made in the likeness of men, He humbled Himself and became obedient to death, even the death of the Cross.


1st January 2017 - Jesus Our Deliverer

Are our expectations about God falling short of their potential? Our God values us even more than we value ourselves. Why then do we limit Him to our human understanding and doubts and fears. We need to revisit our thinking when it comes to our relationship with Him.