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18th September Programme: Moving Forward Requires Determination - Part 1

There will be times when you are treated unfairly, dishonoured and maligned for things you haven't done. The Word of God is clear, 'Stay the course!'


25th September Programme: Moving Forward Requires Determination - Part 2

There will be times when you are treated unfairly, dishonoured and maligned for things you haven't done. The Word of God is clear, 'Stay the course!'


2nd October Programme: Phenomenal Faith - Part 1

Faith is not flimsy! Faith is confidence, faith is trust, faith is assurance. It's God's assurance that everything will be okay.


9th October Programme: Phenomenal Faith - Part 2

There's a pseudo-Christianity that is permeating the church. It's Christianity without prayer. It's Christianity without the Bible. It's Christianity without the leading of the Holy Spirit. But without faith in God and His Word, it's impossible to please Him.


16th October Programme: The Praise Advantage - Part 1

The power of praise is an amazing thing. It's not just something that lifts up God in our own hearts, but it's something that glorifies God by releasing His presence and power to those around us.


23rd October Programme: The Praise Advantage - Part 2

God is not logical. He doesn't fit into our natural reasoning or expectations. That's why we need to lay aside our way of doing things and totally submit to His.


30th October Programme: Little Foxes

The Little Foxes (habits) that we allow are an obstruction to the Kingdom of God and a threat to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


6th November Programme: Little Foxes – God Takes Them Seriously!

The Little Foxes (habits) that we allow are an obstruction to the Kingdom of God and a threat to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


20th November Programme: Cause and Effect

Where there is sin, there will be death, where there is unforgiveness, there is bitterness etc. Keep clear of the Cause and you won't suffer the consequence of the Effect.


27th November Programme: Understanding the Will of God

God wants us to understand Him. That He loves us, that He wants us to be successful that He wants us to find His perfect will for our lives.


4th December Programme: Victory in the Midst of the Storm

Why is it so hard to pray, to read God’s Word, to worship God and to move in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?


11th December Programme: Gifts of the Spirit are a High Priority

When God gives a gift, it is present! So why is it so hard to receive? God has given it for our use for His glory and our witness.


18th December Programme: Jesus – The True Gift

A good exercise for every Christian is to have a regular spiritual health check-up. Without it weeds begin to grow in our attitudes, our conduct and our conversation. Have you had a check-up lately?


25th December Programme: Jesus – The True Gift Part - 2

Jesus is the reason for the celebration of Christmas. Unfortunately, the truth of Christmas becomes blurred in the commercialism of today’s society. His name alone explains many things about who He is and what He came to do. Jesus means, the Lord saves, or He will save. But what does Jesus save us from? He saves us from sin, from death, from depression, from sickness and disease etc. The true message of Christmas remains a message of good news and hope for the future for all who will believe.


1st January Programme: New Beginnings – New Year's Day 2012

A new beginning means the end of an old one! The Jewish New Year was allocated by God to the time of Passover, a celebration of escape from the death angel. And it was no mistake as it represents a time of new life, a time of change from slavery to liberation, and that’s what this New Year can represent for you as well.


8th January Programme: Prayer – Men, God's Revolutionaries

Men are God’s powerhouses when they submit to God! One of the most powerful things a man can do in defeating the devil over his family is to bow down before God in Prayer!


22nd January Programme: Little Foxes – Winning in the Midst of the Trial

We are only overcomers when we are submitted to Christ. If we want to be the head and not the tail, we need to allow Jesus to fight our battles for us.


29th January Programme: Prayer – Be Where Jesus Is!

Jesus wants us to be one with Him and the Father. His desire for our presence is incredible. He wants us to be with Him where He is. Only prayer provides the avenue through which this can be accomplished.


5th February Programme: Walking in the Spirit – Requires Walking in God's Word

In Galatians 5:25, Paul points out that ‘Living in the Spirit’ is not the same as ‘Walking in the Spirit’. Though we go to church, and spend time with Christians, we must also spend time endeavouring to find out and do what the will of the Lord is. One of the most important ways of doing that is by being obedient to God’s Word, the Bible. The more we put God’s Word into practice, the more we are going to be preparing ourselves for the hearing of God’s voice.


12th February Programme: Prayer – Makes You an Overcomer

God intends for you to be an over-comer. Every weapon that He has provided will bring us to the place of victory if we use it under God’s guidance. Prayer is the most powerful weapon of all.


19th February Programme: Walk in the Spirit – Seeking His Kingdom

God’s Kingdom is where He reigns! A place where He dwells and directs, where His conditions prevail, where His truth overrules, where He offers protection and refuge for all who submit.


26th February Programme: Walk in the Spirit – From Darkness To Light

The Spirit of God moves over the face of desolation, worthlessness, misery, darkness and death. God speaks, Let there be light, and revelation comes bringing order and healing to ruined lives.


4th March Programme: Walk in the Spirit – A Higher Call

Paul is calling us to another level! Living in the Spirit can be compared to attending church, fellowship with the Saints, spending time in the Word of God and praying etc, all of which are of utmost importance, but they are not at the level of Walking in the Spirit.


11th March Programme: Giving Your All – Let this Mind be in You

Jesus gave His all and had everything! In the same way, when we give our all, we have His all, everything we could ever want or need.


18th March Programme: Giving Your All – Where is Your Treasure

Your heart will be where your treasure is! So what is our treasure? Money is something we care for, in many cases more than anything else. But if we’re not using it for the right things, we could lose every benefit it brings.


25th March Programme: Giving Your All – To God and To Man

We can only have it all when we give it all! We need to see ourselves as sent from God on an apostolic mission to reach the world for Christ, and not here for  ourselves. When we do this, life will begin to make sense and self-esteem will be restored, because we weren’t called to fit into this world, but to live only by the standards of God.


1st April Programme: Giving Your All – God Supplies it All

One of the Hebrew names of God is El-Shaddai. It means All Sufficient God or, He supplies everything we need. If we trust Him for everything without doubt, we will see His amazing provision in our own lives and families.


8th April Programme: Resurrection – Can Only Come One Way

There’s a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to death. There is only one way that we can be resurrected from death and the power of the devil, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ.


15th April Programme: The Anointing – Is For Those Who Fear Him

In Isaiah 10:27, it says, "the anointing breaks Satan's yoke". The anointing doesn't come from within us, but from God, and He wants us to use it for His glory and power to overcome the devil. But only those who fear Him will reap the benefits!


22nd April Programme: The Anointing – Requires God’s Standards

The Anointing comes from God, was created by Him and can only be used by those He has chosen. It cannot be counterfeited and it cannot be tampered with. It can only be at it’s purest when flowing through a fit and proper vessel.


29th April Programme: The Anointing – Brings Freedom & Blessing

Sadly, many of us fall short of the level of freedom and blessing that God intended. But it can only come on us as we rely totally upon the Holy Spirit’s ability to deliver on the promises of God.


6th May Programme: Love One Another – In Covenant with God

A Covenant is the same as a Will or Testament, which doesn’t come into effect until the death of the testator. There is no life until the coming of death. This is a principle of God’s that concerns every one of us. Until we die to self and live for others, there can be no life, no release, no blessing.


13th May Programme: Love One Another – Release the Presence of God

God is Love! So when we love one another, we release God’s presence into the world, so the world will see Him through us, for who He really is.


27th May Programme: Love One Another – Watching Out for One Another

We live in a time that encourages us to so-called live and let-live. In other words be tolerant of whatever you see. But the essence of love is to guidance and to correction, especially if someone is in danger of being shipwrecked or ruined. God expects us to watch out for one another and help one another, for this is Love


3rd June Programme: Love One Another – Watching Out for Our Children

Many are unaware of the responsibilities that go with being a parent. God has not called us to be their friends or to act as a peer. Too many parents forsake their God-given authority and negotiate a deal with their children, instead of taking their place in their call to guide and direct in a God-given way.


10th June Programme: Love One Another – Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power. love and a sound mind. God is perfect love, and where love is there can be no fear.


17th June Programme: Communicate – Stop, Look and Listen

We communicate physically by talking, softly or loudly, and we communicate with gestures, body language and facial expression. We communicate spiritually through prayer, worship, being led by the Holy Spirit. But communication is not just in what we say, but also what we hear.


24th June Programme: Communicate – Who Do You Listen To?

There are many voices out there demanding our attention. Which one has got yours? Do we listen to the Devil, the World, our selfishness, or to God? The Devil cannot tell the truth! And God cannot lie! Only by listening to the voice of God will we prevail and see supernatural blessing come down over the course of our lives. Blessing or Curse, Life or Death, you choose!


1st July Programme: Communicate – Guard Your Mouth

Proverbs 13:3 – Says, “The one who guards his mouth protects his life”. If we are careful and patient with our choice of words with people, scripture tells us they will be more likely to be heeded. Proverbs 25:15b – Says, “…a gentle tongue can break a bone!”


8th July Programme: Communicate – Gestures, Tones and Voice

Did you know that ninety percent of our communication doesn’t come from words? Sixty percent of communication comes through gesture, body/hand movement and stance etc. Thirty percent comes from our tone as we speak, but only ten percent comes from our words. How important is it that we communicate properly?


15th July Programme: Expectant Faith Makes All Things Possible - Part 1

God is calling His church out of it’s complacency and into it’s proper place of significance. It’s no longer enough to just have faith. God is calling us to have "Expectant Faith".


22nd July Programme: Expectant Faith – Makes All Things Possible - Part 2

If you can believe… everything is possible! Jesus did everything He could in encouraging us to believe, to work miracles, and to duplicate His presence on earth so that He could be many, many times more effective, through us. He came to set the captives free! Are you willing to take up the call of Jesus to heal the sick, cleanse the leper and raise the dead?


29th July Programme: Expectant Faith – Moving into the Supernatural

In order to live as overcomers of the power of the flesh and the devil we need to take a new approach to our thinking and attitudes. We are in a spiritual battle that God has already won for us through Jesus Christ, but only as we believe Him and believe His Word will we be transported into a victorious life with God.

5th August Programme: Expectant Faith – Opens the Door to Miracles – Part 1

Jesus’ earthly ministry was dominated by saving, releasing, healing and delivering people from their troubled souls. He overruled the physical and spiritual laws of this world and brought about a revolution poured out through His love for mankind. Now He wants us to emulate Him and His ministry to set people free.

12th August Programme: Expectant Faith – Opens the Door to Miracles – Part 2

We cannot change the world ‘til we change ourselves. If we are not overcomers claiming the victory through Christ, how are we going to help others find the victory in their lives? We must take God at His Word, trust in Him, renew our mindsets, step out of our comfort zone’s and do greater works than Christ, as He promised we would.

19th August Programme: Power to Be Witnesses – Comes from the Holy Spirit

If we are going to be powerful, effective witnesses for God, we must abide by His Word, love one another, lay aside our selfishness and human reasoning and trust Him to fulfill the promises He’s made. Then, we place ourselves in a position to receive all the power and blessings that God has provided for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

26th August Programme: Power to Be Witnesses – Multiplying our Influence

We have been saved by the grace of God to serve Him as witnesses, demonstrators of His works and power to this lost generation. So we must be released from the power of sin and the devil and move further into the grace and peace that God has provided for us, and wants to multiply to us through an ever-increasing knowledge of Him.

2nd September Programme: Power to Be Witnesses – Living Letters from God

God wants to bless this generation, He wants them free from the power of the devil, from the power of sickness and from the power of deception. Jesus has made us Living Letters, to be read and known of all men, but have we appropriated all of the tools God has provided in order to be His witnesses?

9th September Programme: Power to Be Witnesses – By Loving One Another

Believe God, and follow through with that belief! Witnesses verify the Gospel, they are demonstrators of God’s truth. Love is the basis of truth, it’s also the basis of God’s power, that’s why God has commanded us to love one another. By loving one another all men will know that we are Christ’s disciples. Hence by loving one another we become His witnesses.

16th September Programme: Power to Be Witnesses – By Loving One Another

We are not from this world! Our government is from above. We are servants of the Kingdom of God, of it’s laws, it’s principles and it’s guidelines, so we need to step outside of this world’s ways and means, and apply the power of God to be witnesses of His Kingdom's love and blessings, which are available to this lost and lonely world.