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27th September 2015 - Reaching Your Potential - Part 2

Our hopes and dreams are not just pie in the sky, but they are God-given and indicate your potential and purpose. You’ll never do well accepting less. If you want to excel, step out and follow your dream, it comes from God.


4th October 2015 - Reaching Your Potential - Part 3

Just as there is no end to the life we’ve inherited through Jesus, so there is no end to the possibilities you have right here, right now as you live on this earth.


11th October 2015 - Reaching Your Potential - Part 4

On our own we have limitations. On our own we cannot do anything! But when we come to God, it’s a game changer. God makes you limitless by the very fact that He is limitless.


18th October 2015 - Synergy - Part 1

Synergy is combining the collective power of individuals to produce something that far exceeds the potential of the same group individually.


25th October 2015 - Synergy - Part 2

Just as we need every part of our body in order for it to function normally, so we need every part of the Body of Christ in order for it to function normally.


1st November 2015 - Synergy - Part 3

If we are going to be effective we need to be interactive with God personally, and interactive with each other personally in fulfilling God’s will. Synergy is the combined power of more than one person. Together, two or more can attain many times more than one alone, and many times more than the combined effort of each when working as individually.


8th November 2015 - Synergy - Part 4

Attitude has everything to do with who we are and how we act. We will act according to what we believe and what we believe will shape our attitude. Attitude will determine where we go in life and what we achieve. It is not possible to have negative beliefs about yourself and others and be highly successful. Therefore, if you want to succeed in life you will have to change your beliefs, so that you can have a change of attitude.


15th November 2015 - Be The Change - Part 1

If we are truly going to change our world, then we need to emulate that change by demonstrating it through our own lives. Be the change you want to see in the world.


22nd November 2015 - Be The Change - Part 2

The Word of God is like a mirror, it reflects back to us what is going on in our soul. If we want to find out what is truly going on inside of us and why, we should read the Bible daily.


29th November 2015 - Be The Change - Part 3

If we’re going to change the world, we’re going to have to grow and develop ourselves because you cannot give what you do not have. In order to help others, we must first help ourselves.


6th December 2015 - Be The Change - Part 4

When we are fully serving God, the light of Christ shines through us to bring hope to the lost and lonely, to shine bright in the darkness and defeat the enemy of the souls of men.


13th December 2015 - The Power of One - Part 1

It only takes one committed person to make a difference. One person can change the world.


20th December 2015 - The Power of One - Part 2

The Bible tells us that God only needs one willing soul to change the world, but how open to change are you? How willing are you to let God have His way to bring about His will through you?


27th December 2015 - As a Man Thinks - Part 1

What we think we believe, and what we believe we will act out. So, what do you think about on a daily basis? Are your thoughts positive and virtuous, or negative and without virtue?


3rd January 2016 - As a Man Thinks - Part 2

We need to have regular spiritual checkups! How are you progressing in your thought life? Are you walking in forgiveness or unforgiveness? It might be time for a change.


10th January 2016 - As a Man Thinks - Part 3

The mind is a very powerful instrument. Our conscious mind can handle 2000 bits of information per second. But our sub-conscious mind can handle 4 billion bits of information per second.


17th January 2016 - As a Man Thinks - Part 4

When you step out of fear, anger and self-judgement you actually come into a place of being able to accept and love who you truly are and so enter into a place of being able to help others.


24th January 2016 - Living Intentionally - Part 1

Jesus emphasises the importance of being there for other. Unfortunately, many of us either consciously or subconsciously enter into a mindset of serving self instead of others and thereby miss the blessings that come as a result.


31st January 2016 - Living Intentionally - Part 2

Sadly many of us don’t realise that selfishness is a curse. When we are selfish we are never satisfied. We are never fulfilled because we are always looking for the next opportunity, and we’re looking to our fellow man to provide it.


7th February 2016 - Living Intentionally - Part 3

If we are servants of Jesus, we must take into account that we are not here for ourselves, but for the benefit of others who haven’t yet discovered the way of salvation. Jesus said in Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man didn’t come to be served, but to serve.


14th February 2016 - Living Intentionally - Part 4

Jesus told us that we are the salt of the earth, and what good is it if the salt has lost it’s saltiness? What is it that we are seasoned with from God? It is the heart and the mind of God through the presence of the Holy Spirit.


21st February 2016 - Living Intentionally - Part 5

Jesus spoke in Matthew 25 about serving the least of His brethren. Let’s consider how many of the least of our brothers and sisters we serve as opposed to how many we accidentally walk past?


28th February 2016 - Living Intentionally - Part 6

What we need to do is adopt a commitment to a giving spirit. We are very well resourced whether we choose to believe it or not! In fact if we don’t believe that, we are most likely caught up in an unintentional attitude of selfishness and there’s a need for self-examination. When you have a generous spirit, you will always have everything you need!!!


6th March 2016 - Man's Greatest Achievement - Part 1

Man’s greatest achievement is being handed the gift of Salvation by God, through the sinless life and sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ.


13th March 2016 - Man's Greatest Achievement - Part 2

Going downhill is easy! It doesn’t take much effort, you just have to coast. On the other hand, you have to be intentional to go uphill, because you cannot coast uphill. It takes energy and wilfulness to go uphill. If your going to serve God you must make an effort just like you can’t be saved by doing nothing. You must accept what Jesus has done for us on the Cross and by believing it in your heart and then confessing it with your mouth and actions.


20th March 2016 - Transforming Self to Transform Others - Part 1

You might look like a cute little pussycat on the outside, but inside you’re a roaring lion! Did you know that?


27th March 2016 - Transforming Self to Transform Others - Part 2

An attitude represents a mindset. Usually these are paradigms we form in ourselves as a result of our experiences. But experiences are not always positive events!


3rd April 2016 - Transforming Self to Transform Others - Part 3

The enemy of our souls wants us to fear, so he feeds us terrorism, global warming, higher prices, prophecies of doom and gloom etc. The fact is God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Transforming others begins in us. It starts with us transforming ourselves into someone who is influenced by God alone.


10th April 2016 - Changing a Generation - Part 1

If we are successful, we have benefitted ourselves, but if we are significant, we have benefitted others. The spin off is that we benefit more by helping and adding value to others than we ever could by concentrating on helping ourselves alone.


17th April 2016 - Changing a Generation - Part 2

The conscious mind has the power to reject or accept information, but the subconscious mind only has the power to accept information. Therefore, if your conscious mind is accepting negative things, then the subconscious mind is accepting negative things, and the subconscious mind runs every cell in your body.


24th April 2016 - Changing a Generation - Part 3

Philippians 4:8 instructs us on the things we need to think and keep our mind’s on. Whatever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely. Whatever things that are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.


1st May 2016 - Changing a Generation - Part 4

The biggest thing on God’s heart is humility and unity in the body of Christ. If we don’t have humility we cannot be worshipping God because without it we are only engaging in fleshly religion because God is then not in control. And if we don’t have unity we cannot function as God intended, being the true Body of Christ.


8th May 2016 - Changing a Generation - Part 5

Whenever we enter a new situation we should in life, we should anticipate the best outcome we can imagine and then go into it with the attitude that what you are believing for is exactly what is going to happen. We can change the world if we first begin to change ourselves.


22nd May 2016 - Water Baptism

One of the very important acts for a Christian to fulfil is Water Baptism. It is actually a burial service, the act of dying to self exemplified by descending into the water to signal death to the old nature, the flesh. Then as we rise out of the water, it is a sign of the resurrected life that we have dedicated to Christ and His service.


29th May 2016 - A Culture of Truth - Part 1

God has the victory! He always has and always will. God’s plan of redemption is for the benefit of man, not for God. He doesn’t need salvation. He’s already everything He needs to be. So, God has sent Jesus for our sake and our sake alone. Therefore everything He has said and does is for the salvation of mankind.


5th June 2016 - A Culture of Truth - Part 2

When we retreat from the will of God, we retreat from the power of God and so not only lose access to God’s unlimited resources, but we shackle ourselves the massive limitations of our own mind and will, which cannot withstand the power of the devil nor the power of the fleshly nature.


12th June 2016 - A Culture of Truth - Part 3

How blessed is the person who’s hope is in the Lord. When you trust in the Lord, you guarantee a good outcome! It may not be the outcome you expect, but you can trust that the outcome will be the best outcome you could possibly have, because God never fails! There is no battle He has ever lost.


19th June 2016 - True Riches - Part 1

The True Riches come through us, not from us! True Riches can only come through us as we are truly submitted to God.


26th June 2016 - True Riches - Part 2

We cannot have the True Riches if our hearts are not right with God. The Lord anoints us and separates us because God wants our hearts to be solely dedicated to Him.


3rd July 2016 - True Riches - Part 3

We all want to be resourced, to be fed and watered. The Lord guarantees this as we partake of the True Riches. As we walk in Truth we get the True Riches.


10th July 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 1

The Truth sets you free! We are only guaranteed freedom if we walk in truth. Lies bring slavery, but truth brings freedom.


17th July 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 2

Those who worship the Lord must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. It’s not enough just to worship God in Spirit, we also need to worship Him in truth.


24th July 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 3

Truth is truth even if no one believes it! A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it! Friends, don’t believe the lie that would make you believe something just because everyone else believes it.


31st July 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 4

Truth transforms the heart! Everyone that is of the truth hears the voice of God speaking to them. The Spirit of God speaking to them, who is the Spirit of Truth.


7th August 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 5

The Lord sent His Word and healed us! Jesus is the living Word, the Word that God is speaking of in Psalm 107:20. His Word reveals His plans and purposes. Indeed, how can we know there even is a Holy Spirit without God’s Word?


14th August 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 6

A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority! Do yourself a favour and stay in the Word!!!


21st August 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 7

We don’t come from an angle of hopelessness! We are safe when we stand committed to the Lord and firmly attached to His Word, the Bible.


28th August 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 8

The Holy Spirit comes to guide us into all truth. His role is to reveal Jesus to us and the world here in earth. He will not speak of Himself, but what He hears Jesus speak He will speak. Nothing else!!!


4th September 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 9

In Matthew 7, Jesus talks about those who prophesy in His name and do many wonderful works in His name, but sadly, Jesus never knew them. Being a true Christian is being in a relationship with Jesus, not just knowing that He’s there.


11th September 2016 - Walk in Truth - Part 10

The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and He is as gentle as a dove. He will never force Himself upon us, or demand His way. He is that still, small voice that only those who are listening can hear.